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    Quote Originally Posted by mei_mei View Post
    Kitty is an adorable vintage nickname, but just doesnt work as a full name for me. It'd be difficult to take a 'Kitty' seriously in a professional environment. I would also want to option of introducing myself as katherine, Kristina, Keturah, etc. Rather than just being Kitty.
    Do you think the nickname Kit is any better for professional purposes?
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    My full name is Katherine and when I was younger I went by Kitty until 6 or 7 then it was Kat until I was about 11 and now Katie when I'm in college I'll probably go by Kate and when I'm old and married Katherine. Please do NOT name your daughter Kitty! I really liked being called Kitty when I was young but now that I'm older I'm thankful I have a name like Katherine with many nicknames so I can pick one that best fits my age. Can you imagine going to a job interview and saying Hi I'm Kitty? If you named your daughter Katherine she could use Katherine professionally but of course friends and family could still call her Kitty
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    I personally wouldn't want to have Kitty as a full name, so nay for me. I do like Kit as a standalone name though.
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    I think Kit is great. I'm not sure how I feel about it as a given name, though. It's not very substantial. Maybe Kitt? Or Kitri?
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    I think that Nikita is another name that has the literal "kit" right in there. I tend to agree with you that literal nicknames feel a lot easier than those with less of an overt connection. But Catherine/Kitty works for me cause it seems so classic. I think Ankita is really pretty. It almost has a classic quality like Ann-Kitty.

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