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    Alula - "first leap" - since this is your first child
    Danica - Scandinavian - morning star
    Roxana - dawn, little star
    Phoebe - relates to the moon
    Seren - Welsh - star
    Sidra - Latin (?) - like a star
    Tamsin - means twin (a nod to Gemini)
    Tana - Greek (?) - fire/star goddess

    Margot - means pearl

    From your list I really love Flora, Opal, and Marigold and might suggest Florence.

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    I love the name Aquila for a girl! My nieces middle name is Quillard (her first is Patricia after her late grandmother) and she goes by Quil. I think it is such an adorable nickname for Aquila.
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    Celeste: pretty. I slightly prefer Celestia for you.
    Mercy: too religious for my taste.
    Lua: I think it could stand alone or as a nickname for Luna.
    Isis: eh, I have never seen the appeal.
    Aquila: I always thought this worked better on a girl. Love the suggestion of Quila as a nn.
    Melanite: I would prefer just Garnet as a name.
    Opal: a great gem name. Probably my favorite of the gems.
    Marigold: love! Love nn Goldie.
    Wisteria: love this name! Love the nn possibilities.
    Gemini: I see why you love it (I love it too), but I think it is a little too out there. It might work as a mn especially if your wee one will be born under this sign.
    Flora: pretty. I prefer Flora as a nickname as Florence. In terms of flower inspired names there are other ones that I prefer much more.
    Forsythia: not a fan, sorry.
    Keshet: not a fan, sorry.
    Minerva: love nn Minnie or Mina. A little too old lady for my taste, but a lovely name nonetheless.
    Amethyst: one of those names that I love but I don't know if I can picture it on an actual child.
    Tempest: eh fine as a mn, but I prefer Temperance.

    You have a great list. I would suggest:

    Serena/Serene (Seren means star)
    Aquarius (again, the whole sign thing would be a deal breaker for me, but since you like Gemini and Aquila maybe you'll like it)


    Emerald (it's out there a prob not your taste, but I think it's usable)
    Saphira (stretch for Sapphire)
    D.S. lil Bam Bam

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    Celeste - like it.
    Mercy - not my sryle
    Lua - Surprisingly, I don't want Lua as Luna's nn (though I love, LOVE Luna), I prefer Lua as a stand alone
    Isis - pretty
    Aquila - I prefer it for girls too.
    Melanite (It's a garnet) - never heard this one before, not sure I like it.
    Opal - okay.
    Marigold - okay.
    Wisteria - I like it, but I'm thinking about hysteria.
    Gemini - no.
    Flora - neutral.
    Forsythia - like it.
    Keshet - dislike
    Minerva - like
    Amethyst - ok
    Tempest - doesn't sounds harsh to me.
    Vespera - like.
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    if religious names are off limits mythological names are off limits too o_O those are from religions....

    ps dont be embarrassed about having no one to honor, people go overboard with that i think. 'you were a normal dad and did exactly what you were supposed to! lets name a baby after you!' unnecessary and boring in my opinion.

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