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  • Annabella Rose Nelson

    22 19.13%
  • Annabella Grace Nelson

    5 4.35%
  • Eliana Rose Nelson

    29 25.22%
  • Eliana Grace Nelson

    12 10.43%
  • Ella Rose Nelson

    27 23.48%
  • Ella Grace Nelson

    14 12.17%
  • I have a suggestion! (Please post below)

    6 5.22%
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    May 2013
    TY all!
    Pp, I've thought of Ella Rose as a double-first name as well, glad you like it as as well.

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    Jun 2013

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    Ella Rose Nelson is a lovely name. I love the simplicity and grace of Ella especially if that's what you want to call her. Also Silas and Ella is a nicely cohesive sibset...very cute.
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    i dont like the forcing of Ella to be the nm of Eliana when it is easily Ellie.

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    I voted for Eliana Rose and I think it is the prettiest combo, but I do agree that Ella and Silas make the best sibset

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