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    My husband and I have very similar features, blond hair and blue eyes. We both had white hair when we were small, so we knew what our little girl would look like. She is a perfect blend of the two of us. His friends think she looks like him, and mine think she looks like me. However, 3 of our parents have dark hair and brown eyes, so there is a possibility our next one could have dark hair and blue eyes.

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    I have insanely curly hair, so if any of my kids come out with straight hair I will be thoroughly stunned. Other than that, I have no idea.
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    Well both fiance and I have blue eyes (with his entire family being blue-eyed also), so that's pretty much a given. I've never actually looked into heterochromea to find what is heredity, mutation, etc., but I think it would be awesome if a kiddo had my blue/green eye combo. As far as I know both of our families all have brown hair, so that's a given too (unless fiance has a great grandfather or something with some blond hair). My family all has decently straight hair, while his is quite curly. He's the only one with curly hair though, so either/or.

    We have a height difference of 1.5 feet, so kiddos height has a huge range to fall under.

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    I had feeling my daughter would have dark features and tend to look a little more like her Dad, so yes, she looks very similar to how I imagined she would. She's only 6 weeks though, so it'll be interesting to see how she changes. As a newborn she looked 100% like her dad, and very little like me, but as she's getting bigger I'm starting to see some of my features. I'm most curious to see what her skin tone will be like.
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    I have light brown, curly hair and hazel eyes, and my husband has very dark brown, almost black, wavy hair and brown eyes. We both had lighter hair as kids that got darker as we grew up. So I imagine our kids will have wavy to curly hair with a color somewhere between light and dark brown. Possibly dirty blonde hair as a small child, but I would be shocked if we had a kid with very blonde hair or a kid with red hair! I would also be surprised to see blue or green eyes.

    My husband and I were actually just recently speculating on what our future kids' heights might be. I am 5'7'' and he is 6'3'', but we are both tall for our families. I'm not quite sure how height genes work, so it will be interesting to see if our kids end up being closer to our heights or closer to the shorter members of our families

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