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    Boys names are always so hard

    As you all know I have loads of girls names combinations on my list I have not many boys name.

    I like Thomas, Theodore, Huw, Freddie. Harry, Joseph, Levi, Aaron, Bradley, Patrick and Donovan. - any other first names apriciated.

    Middles names:- David/Dafydd, John, Edward, Stephen. - any other boys middle names accepted.

    Due to a family tradition of the 2nd and 3rd born children having 2 middle names I would need 2 middles.

    Sibling Amy-Louise. Surname Kitcher.

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    My favorites from your list are Theodore, Joseph, Levi, and Aaron.

    Other names I like are


    I like your middle names too, however if you went with David, I would spell it that way, unless you're honoring someone who spells their name Dafydd. But if I saw it on paperwork, I would have a hard time guessing how it is pronounced, and I would assume you were trying to hard to be uneeek.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!! 00
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