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  • Willa Hazel

    35 42.17%
  • Hazel Corinna

    48 57.83%
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    Feb 2013

    A poll to go with my last post

    Here is my post from earlier today: I wish we could just decide! 2 names and a few weeks to go. - Page 2

    I think a poll will be easier for me to see public opinion of these two names because I am not really asking friends/family I have really appreciated all your help. I think at this point, we will wait to meet her but I would just love to see what you all think. Thank you! I know this can seem annoying

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    Hmm I prefer the flow of Willa Hazel, but I prefer Hazel as the first Hazel Corinna it is
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    The flow is nicer, I agree. But I do want the first name to be what matters!

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    Thank you all for voting!

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    Willa would be a Will Smith daughter.

    Hazel is fabulous and Corinna isnt very popular so snag it up! flipping them wouldnt hurt at all to help the flow.

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