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    Quote Originally Posted by mckaylalove View Post
    My god, I love your naming style. My favourites from your list are:

    Ivo Nicholas (I like it better with James)
    Asa Nicholas (Again, like it better with James)
    Theodore James "Teddy"
    Atticus John
    Zevon James
    Finch Nicholas
    Peregrine James
    Wyeth James
    Sparrow John (I like this better with James too).
    Thanks! Do you think people will have trouble pronouncing Wyeth? It is pretty high on my list (we both love the artists Andrew and (son) Jamie Wyeth).

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    Thackeray John - I love Thackeray, it was on our list until DH nixed it.
    Barnaby James - Barnaby was also on our list but we've opted for Barnabas instead. Still love this version though.
    Jolyon Nicholas - I love the name Jolyon and it is so rarely used.
    Wyeth James - This would work very well over time and still is unique. This is actually my favorite of your list.
    Peregrine James - I LOVE Pip as a nn
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    Ivo Nicholas- I think this would be a little too unfamiliar for Americans, and it's a bit of a tongue-twister with your last name.
    Toussaint James- While I usually think pronunciation problems are often overblown, this one would would just cause undue hardship on your son with its spelling and pronunciation issues.
    Reed Nicholas- I like it, but not in love with it.
    Aubyn James- Is it prn. Aw-ben or Oh-ben? You're already honoring family in the middle, do you need to do it twice?
    Cabot James- Like.
    Asa Nicholas-I like it! Asa is becoming more familiar, I think, but it's still a rare, sophisticated choice.
    Barnaby James- Like this combination, even though I'm not usually a fan of Barnaby.
    Theodore James "Teddy" - This is the tamest name on your list. I like it, but prefer the nn Theo.
    Atticus John- Love!
    Bertram John- NMS.
    Tristram James- Lovely.
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon) - Sounds made up to me, and I know it's not.
    Finch Nicholas - I see what you're going for, but I don't know if I'd like to go through life with "Finch" as my name. It'd be better in the middle spot (two middles?).
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny"- Love!
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary)- Love! Even people who aren't familiar with him would be able to pronounce it, it's pretty intuitive, and it's not too far off from names people are already familiar with.
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion)- Meh. It would take some explaining every time you introduced him, or when he was older, he introduced himself, since it's not a very familiar character.
    Ambrose John- Love! Ambrose James might be a better combo though? I like the look of the S's.
    Peregrine James (We might use Pip as a nn even though it's a bit too LOTRish...but it is actually from Angela Carter's last novel, Wise Children, my dh's favorite) - I'm not a fan of Peregrine; personally, I find it a little formal. But it's definitely usable.
    Orlando James "Orly"- Love!
    Worthy James (family name)- My first thought was that it was so Puritan!
    Tarquin James- Usable, but NMS.
    Copeland James (family name)- I actually quite like this.
    Pryor James- Meh. You've got better on your list.
    Tavish John- You've got better.
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name)- I like it, but mostly for the nickname.
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James (I like it without the E, dh likes it with)- I like it lot!
    Macabee James (family name)- Not a fan.
    Banyan James- I think of the trees.
    Wyeth James- I think he would constantly be explaining that it's Wyeth and not Wyatt, and be spelling it out for people. Might be confusing.
    Sparrow John- Too starbaby.
    Rushdie James- Meh.

    My favorites:
    Asa Nicholas
    Atticus John (or James)
    Tennyson James
    Thackeray John
    Ambrose James
    Orlando James
    Hawthorne James
    Theodore James
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    Ivo Nicholas (EYE-vo) -- I worry about pronunciantion
    Toussaint James (pronounced like Tucson) -- ditto, but looks very cool on paper
    Reed Nicholas -- a perfectly good more mainstream choice
    Aubyn James (family name) -- Odd-looking
    Cabot James -- I think I like it.
    Asa Nicholas -- Ass-a so no.
    Barnaby James -- dislike Barnaby, sounds like a cartoon character
    Theodore James "Teddy" -- Like this historic name
    Atticus John -- Okay
    Bertram John -- Don't like but don't have a good reason for not liking. Maybe I just hate B names.
    Tristram James -- I really dislike Tristan (on a boy) because it sounds too girly to me, and this looks too much like Tristan.
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon) -- Interesting. Again, pronunciation issues.
    Finch Nicholas - Don't hate it, but don't like it either. Makes me think of birds.
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny" -- meh
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary) -- No, sounds like a way to make fun of someone with a lisp
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion) -- Just sounds odd
    Ambrose John -- Not a fan, just so perfumey-sounding
    Peregrine James (We might use Pip as a nn even though it's a bit too LOTRish...but it is actually from Angela Carter's last novel, Wise Children, my dh's favorite) -- Well I love LOTR so how could I say no? But I wouldn't use it on my own child, either.
    Orlando James "Orly"-- Bad association with literally nutty professor with this name. His nickname was Lanny. Ich jerk.
    Worthy James (family name) -- A little over the top
    Tarquin James -- I think I like it
    Copeland James (family name) - I like it, it's nice that it doesn't end with "n" which is so trendy for boys
    Pryor James -- The Crucible? That is cool. DDL is such a hottie in the movie version...*swoon*
    Tavish John -- I really like this one.
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name) -- Not a fan of the "wick" ending, so harsh
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James (I like it without the E, dh likes it with)--This is pretty neat as well, I prefer it with the e written down, Nathaniel Hawthorne wouldn't have immediately come to mind otherwise
    Macabee James (family name) -- You have so many neat options that I wouldn't mess with this one and worry about whether people are offended
    Banyan James -- No, don't like the y especially if it is a boy.
    Wyeth James -- ok
    Sparrow John -- A little odd, not my style, but not a terrible nature name either
    Rushdie James -- Looks sort of odd, makes me think of Rush Limbaugh which is a negative association imo.

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    Okay. So most of your names are a little...outside what I usually go for, so I'm going to try to focus on impressions, what ones I have more serious reservations about, and whatever obvious positives strike me.

    Ivo Nicholas (EYE-vo) -- It's a very...aggressive name to me. Ivo has a very harsh sound to it.
    Toussaint James (pronounced like Tucson) -- Toussaint Louverture!! I like this one. Pronouncing it Tuscon also gives it a bit of American toughness. I like it. I like it!. Plus the classic nickname T.J. if your kid hates it.
    Reed Nicholas -- I prefer the spelling Reid significantly. But other than that, I have no complaints. I love the name Reid. Solid solid choice.
    Aubyn James (family name) -- Um. Hm. It's very feminine to me. Which is by no means a bad thing. Something about the letter Y I think is fueling my dislike. I know you've said it's a surname, but it still looks a bit made up to me. Would Auben or Aubin be an option? I would actually like either of those quite a lot.
    Cabot James -- Hm. I don't love the sound of Cabot. Cabbage. Rabbit. I dunno. I sound silly, I just don't love the sound. I think it looks solid and classic on paper, though.
    Asa Nicholas -- I knew an Asa that I thought was a perfectly nice person once, and it did not redeem this name to me. That said, no one seemed to find him name to be weird, so if you love it, I think you are in the clear for acceptability.
    Barnaby James -- Eh. I little stuffy. Okay very stuffy. I can't picture a Barnaby. If a cool person that I liked were named Barnaby, their name would be a joke that they made fun of on a regular basis. "My names Barny." "Really?" "It's better than going by Barnaby." That's what I picture.
    Theodore James "Teddy" -- LOVE the nickname Teddy. Love the name Theodore. I think this is a stellar choice. Perfection. Great. Amazing. Green light.
    Atticus John -- I like it. I have no other commentary.
    Bertram John -- Not bad. A little old British man in vibe, but not bad. Much more wearable than something like Horace or Gladys.
    Tristram James -- The 'tr' sound is one that should only be in a name once. It's too challenging for a mouth to say to be worth putting in a word twice. This is the kind of word that languages modify to something that is easier to say over time. Tristam maybe? Tristan? Those I could get behind. I would actually love either of those.
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon) -- Sounds like a sci-fi name.
    Finch Nicholas -- Eh. I don't hate it. I don't love the 'inch' sound.
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny" -- Cute! I quite like this. Right up there with Theodore James for me. The nicknames are cute. I like it a lot. Love it. Yes yes yes.
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary) -- Vanity Fair is a great book. But it's not a good enough reason for me to thumbs up Thackeray as a first name.
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion) -- I think you run the risk of a lot of mispronunciation. I don't hate the sound. I think I actually quite like the sound. But I don't love the way it looks on paper. Probably because 'JOLE-ion' is not what my mind wants it to sound like when I look at it.
    Ambrose John -- Sounds like the name of someone who died about two hundred years ago.
    Peregrine James (We might use Pip as a nn even though it's a bit too LOTRish...but it is actually from Angela Carter's last novel, Wise Children, my dh's favorite) -- Oddly, I like this one. I have no good reason, I just like it. It's got something. And the LOTR connection really only makes it better.
    Orlando James "Orly" -- Severe dislike for the nickname Orly. I can't explain why, but the sound is horrid to me. Orlando I like! But only if you can find a different nickname.
    Worthy James (family name) -- Eh. Worthy? Of what? I dunno. It's just kind of a weird word name. Reassuring people that it's a family name won't make it any better.
    Tarquin James -- I would never use it, but if I met a cool Tarquin, I could grow to appreciate the name. It can work, I think.
    Copeland James (family name) -- Much better family name. CJ works as a nickname. Looks good on paper. Sounds nice. A marks, good choice.
    Pryor James -- Prior offences. Is the first think I think.
    Tavish John -- Sounds like the name of a scoundrel from a hundred or so years ago.
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name) -- Copeland is better. Don't hate it. Don't like it.
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James (I like it without the E, dh likes it with) -- Looks like it's missing something without the 'e'. I like it. 'Thor' would be a seriously badass nickname. Cool. I like it a lot. Solid choice.
    Macabee James (family name) -- Unappealing sound. I don't mean to be rude, but it sounds a a first name.
    Banyan James -- Looks and sounds too much like bunion.
    Wyeth James -- I tend not to be the fondest of 'eth' names. Even though I have an 'eth' name. I would rather it be Wyatt, but it's really not offensive in any way.
    Sparrow John -- Captain Jack. Sparrow? I just don't know. I wouldn't want to be named after a cute little bird, either.
    Rushdie James -- Salman Rushdie? Fine, but I'd pass. Unless you really love his work. No, I'd still pass.

    Best of luck!!

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