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    Top 5:
    1. Barnaby James
    2. Atticus John
    3. Worthy James
    4. Wyeth James
    5. Peregrine James or Tennyson James (it's a tie)

    Honorable mention: Bertram John (I love Bertram NN Bram, but am not convinced a future son would thank me for giving him that name!)
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    What an awesome list! English major here too, I can't imagine having to deal with two of me!

    Ivo Nicholas (EYE-vo) --- like
    Toussaint James (pronounced like Tucson) --- I think he's going to have pronunciation problems. It will probably be a headache. Scratch off list or change to Tucson (which is still cool)
    Reed Nicholas --- not as exciting as most of the other names but it's solid
    Aubyn James (family name) --- family names are always my weakness. Keep.
    Cabot James --- Not totally sold on this.
    Asa Nicholas --- like
    Barnaby James --- personally not a fan of Barnaby
    Theodore James "Teddy" --- cute
    Atticus John --- Atticus is cool, but I feel like it's kind of trendy these days.
    Bertram John --- like it..
    Tristram James --- Hard to say.
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon) ---- Awesome.
    Finch Nicholas --- I prefer Nicholas Finch. Not sold on Finch as a first name.
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny" ---- Awesome.
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary) --- In theory this name is awesome, but I always feel like I have a lisp when I say it and it makes me giggle.
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion) ---- Whoa. Never heard that. How cool.
    Ambrose John --- For some reason, Ambrose has always rung feminine to me.
    Peregrine James (We might use Pip as a nn even though it's a bit too LOTRish...but it is actually from Angela Carter's last novel, Wise Children, my dh's favorite) --- Like it.
    Orlando James "Orly" --- Cool.
    Worthy James (family name) --- Again, family names.
    Tarquin James ---- Love Tarquin.
    Copeland James (family name) --- not a huge fan of Copeland.
    Pryor James --- I think because I've heard it so much as a last name and never as a first, I'm having a hard time falling in love with this.
    Tavish John --- Along with Tarquin, this is also on my list. So cool. And "Tav" or "Tavvy" is so cute!
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name) --- love it.
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James (I like it without the E, dh likes it with) --- It's okay. If you're going to use it, I prefer the E.
    Macabee James (family name) ---Mack is a cute nickname but it's my least favorite of your family names.
    Banyan James --- this is cool.
    Wyeth James --- like it.
    Sparrow John --- kinda trendy, not really a fan
    Rushdie James ---- to closely associated to Salman Rushdie in my opinion, even though he's a worthy namesake.

    Tavish John
    Tarquin James --- btw, how cute would these two be as twins?!
    Jolyon Nicholas
    Tennyson James --- love the nn "Ten"
    Zevon James --- "Zev" super cool
    Ivo Nicholas

    Regardless, your son is going to be handsomely attired with a bad@ss name.

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    Ivo Nicholas (EYE-vo)- Sounds like a new product...
    Toussaint James- If you need to tell us the pronunciation, it's a bad sign... it means he'll spend his life telling others the pronunciation.
    Reed Nicholas- Short, but packs a big punch. It's quite manly, and very down to earth.
    Aubyn James- So confused when I saw this one. Not a fan.
    Cabot James- Makes me think of cabbage and carrot.
    Asa Nicholas- I've known some Asas... it's a good, strong, masculine name. Very unpretentious...
    Barnaby James- Please no.
    Theodore James "Teddy"- Theodore is a classic name that has stood the test of time. The great part is there are so many possible nns... like Teddy, Theo, Ted, Ned, T.J., etc.
    Atticus John- Love. This is a sweet spot name... not too common, but familiar enough to not be weird.
    Bertram John- Sounds like a great grandfather's great grandfather.
    Tristram James- He'll spend his life being called Tristan.
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon)- Sounds like an alien in a sci fi novel.
    Finch Nicholas- Not a fan of birds for boys.
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny"- This is quite a nice name, although the literary connection is quite direct. I'd probably prefer something a bit more understated. Can you imagine if your son is dyslexic and can't read? Then Tennyson is a tad ironic. Or what if he hates literature? After all, you're choosing something for him, but you don't know much about him yet... so it needs to fit a wide variety of people.
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary)- Thack is not a nice sound... it's like a bird flying into a window.
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion)- I'd guess it was Jolly-on. I can see he'd get that a lot.
    Ambrose John- A great, distinguished sounding name. I like the vintage feel, and A.J. would be a nice nn.
    Peregrine James- I like your personal connection, but I've never liked this name. It sounds like a brand of mineral water to me.
    Orlando James "Orly"- A very cool, interesting, but not unknown sort of a name. Not big on Orlando James, as it makes me think of O.J. Simpson, but I doubt anyone younger than me (or not American) would make that connection.
    Worthy James (family name)- I've known 3 girls with this name... 1 was from Africa, 1 was from Hong Kong, and 1 was from the ghetto in the US.
    Tarquin James- Just think of tar.
    Copeland James (family name)- I can understand wanting to use family names, but I'd give this one a pass. It begins with 'cop' or 'cope'... "Cope with it, Copeland"... I also think of copulation... and if that comes to my mind, at least 1 teenage boy will think of it.
    Pryor James- Prior to what? Prior to James' birth? Not a fan.
    Tavish John- Interesting and unique, but completely wearable. Love!
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name)- Sounds like a character in a Dickens novel.
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James- I like this one a lot. I do prefer it with the e, but it's a nice, classy, masculine name.
    Macabee James- I oddly like this, esp. as it's a family name. Mac is a cool nn... but I'd consider the ramifications before I chose this name.
    Banyan James- A bunion on your foot?
    Wyeth James- I'd think he was saying Wyatt with a speech impediment.
    Sparrow John- Too feminine.
    Rushdie James- Love Rushdie's books (esp. Midnight's Children), but I wouldn't use it. Remember when the Ayatollah issued a death warrant? If your son decides to major in Arabic or Farsi and live in the Middle East (or just finds a job there), this name could be a burden. With globalization, I'd steer clear of controversial figures.
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    These are the ones I like

    Ivo Nicholas - I like it, but you'd forever be getting strange pronunciations...
    Asa Nicholas
    Barnaby James
    Theodore James
    Atticus John
    Finch Nicholas
    Tennyson James
    Thackeray John - Thackeray is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures.
    Peregrine James
    Hawthorne James
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    Ivo Nicholas (EYE-vo) - that's not how Ivo is pronounced. Correct would be EEvo. Don't like either.
    Toussaint James (pronounced like Tucson) - it's OK
    Reed Nicholas - bit boring
    Aubyn James (family name) - love this
    Cabot James - think of Meg Cabot, teenage girl writer
    Asa Nicholas - dislike Asa
    Barnaby James - it's lovely
    Theodore James "Teddy" - nothing against it
    Atticus John - it's OK
    Bertram John - old gentleman's name and too Catholic
    Tristram James - I think correct spelling is Tristan
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon) - it's OK
    Finch Nicholas - love this
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny" - dislike
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary) - lovely
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion) - like this
    Ambrose John - it's nice
    Peregrine James (We might use Pip as a nn even though it's a bit too LOTRish...but it is actually from Angela Carter's last novel, Wise Children, my dh's favorite) - love Peregrine
    Orlando James "Orly" - like this
    Worthy James (family name) - dislike
    Tarquin James - dislike
    Copeland James (family name) - it's OK
    Pryor James - dislike
    Tavish John - dislike
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name) - like this one
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James (I like it without the E, dh likes it with) - lovely, either way
    Macabee James (family name) - dislike
    Banyan James - dislike
    Wyeth James - dislike
    Sparrow John - it's cute, not for adult
    Rushdie James - no

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