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    Smile Pretty Girls Names

    I have my girl's list narrowed down for if we have a girl. I love classic, feminine, traditional names with a little touch of vintage for girls. Which girl's name do you like the best? I would love to know what you think of each name as well. ALSO, please give me middle name ideas!


    My other daughters names are Claire and Ella, so if you have any other names that you think would fit my style, please let me know!

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    Amelia- I don't love Amelia. The sound just doesn't appeal to me very much.
    Ivy- I love Ivy! Such a gorgeous name!
    Nora- This has been growing on me lately, but I don't love it as much as Ivy.

    I think Rose, Violet, Ruth, Vera and Ruby would also be lovely on your list.

    Amelia Josephine, Amelia June, Amelia Pearl
    Ivy Amelia, Ivy Sophia, Ivy Wilhelmina
    Nora Genevieve, Nora Blythe, Nora Verity
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    I like Claire, Ella, & Ivy the most! Claire, Ella, & Amelia would be my second choice.

    Amelia - I personally don't care for this too much. I don't really know why.. it's just a feeling. It's cute though!
    Ivy - LOVE! The popularity turns me off a little, and would keep me from ever using it.. but still, LOVE!
    Nora - I've never liked the name Nora. It's just one of those names I don't like. The right person could turn me on to it though.

    (Sorry for repeats.)

    Amelia Charlotte, Amelia Katherine, Amelia Josephine, Amelia Grace
    Ivy Josephine, Ivy Katherine, Ivy Juliet, Ivy Winifred, Ivy Ophelia

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    I love all of your name choices, Claire and Ella are nice as well!

    Amelia- I like Amelia the most of your choices and think it fits in with Claire and Ella perfectly. My name is Emily but I wish it was Amelia. Amelia has a vintage touch but is still perfect for a little girl. I think Amelia Earhart, nice namesake.
    Ivy- This is on my list as well but in the middle name spot, what keeps me from putting it in the middle name spot is that it's not only short but choppy as well. It's nice but I'm not sure it flows with Claire and Ella.
    Nora- This is my moms name. Nora definitely has that vintage vibe and is great name but I prefer Amelia.

    Amelia Rosemary, Amelia Ivy, Amelia Frances
    Ivy Delilah, Ivy Caroline, Ivy Alexandra, Ivy Lillian
    Nora Jean, Nora Viviana, Nora Lillian

    I also second namelover77's suggestions of Amelia Pearl, Ivy Wilhelmina, and Nora Genevieve, perfect!
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    Evander | Atlas | Cassius | Lorcan

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    To go with Claire and Ella...

    Amelia -- Don't love the name. And it's a little...cutesy? It doesn't match the clean, elegance of Claire and Ella.
    Ivy -- I like it. It's not totally out of place next to Claire and Ella, though the sound is rather more harsh.
    Nora -- Your best option, I think. It's a soft, simple, elegant name. It fits perfectly with the names of your other two daughters. And it's lovely!

    Middle names: I'm terrible at middle naming. I think Nora sounds nice with two-syllable names with emphasis on the second syllable. Nora Louise, Nora Monroe, Nora Renee, Nora Elaine, Nora Simone, etc.

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