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    Thanks so far, everybody =)

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    Lovely list...Ava Sophia tops my own list!

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    Carissa amity matches the boys name best for me, familiar but not popular firsts with more unusual middles.
    Libby-Ann or Liberty-Ann is my next faveriot.

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    I would totally vote for Libby if the full name weren't Liberty. What about Libby-Anne Grace? Or Elizabeth nn Libby? Or you know what, use Liberty if you love it! There's nothing wrong with it just because it's not my personal style!

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    Alexander, Sebastian and Robert are in the classic and strong category for me, and most of your names fit, except Liberty-Anne. Very out of left field for me.

    Ava Rose -- Your best option, I think. Very classic, but it's got a flair and elegance.
    Isabella Marie -- I like it. I'm not tripping over myself in love, but it's a good choice.
    Liberty-Anne Grace "Libby" -- Not my style, and it feels totally out of step with your other children's names.
    Emily Marie -- Same as Isabella Marie, for me.
    Carissa Amity -- Excellent choice. Just behind Ava Rose for me, only because I like the pair Ava Rose slightly better than Carissa Amity, but Amity seems more in line with your usual taste in middle names.

    Best of luck!!

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