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    NIckname for Sawyer Cobalt

    This name is more popular than I originally realized and I would love to come up with a good nickname for my son, ideally one that also makes use of his unusual middle name: Cobalt. (We don't want to just call him Cobalt, but maybe some combination of the two...) Any suggestions?

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    Why not wait and give him a nickname unrelated to his name? There's always that chance you won't meet another Sawyer. If the popularity bothers you to the point that you're scrambling for a nickname, I would consider choosing a different name.
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    Wowee, that's a tough one. Sawyer doesn't lend itself to easy nicknames. Soy? Saw? Yeah, not great. I bet you'll find a nickname that comes from his personality once you meet and maybe not directly from his name.

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    Coco would be fun! Like Connan Obrian.

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    All I'm seeing is socks and salt.

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