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Thread: Twin Boys

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    Twin Boys

    Hi all. I am having twin boys due in October. I would like the names to have the same letter, but I am lost. I cant seem to find something that I love together. I seem to veer towards A, B, K, L, M, and O names, but I am not opposed to any. Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks - Kaytlyn

    P.S. Middle names: Baby A: Christopher or Adam. Baby B: Lee, Asher, or Callum

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    If I was having twin boys and I wanted their names to have the same letter ( which I assume means begin with the same letter) this is what I would do...

    Asher and Abraham
    Beau and Blake
    Craig and Connor/Cullen
    Dexter and Dean
    Elias and Evander
    Flynn and Felix
    Griffin and Graham
    Hugh and Henry
    Isaac and Ian
    Jude and Joel
    Kirk and Keller
    Leo and Lucas
    Miles and Mathias
    Niall and Noah
    Oliver and Owen or Orin and Oberon
    Peter and Pierce
    Rhys and Ronan
    Simon and Sebastian
    Theo and Tristan
    Ulric and Uriah
    Viggo and Vaughn
    Wyatt and Wesley
    Xavier and Xander
    Zavier and Zander
    My little man O.P arrived 6-14-15
    My Teddy Bear (aka my puppy): Rufus (4-24-13)
    Maeve Juniper-Gwen Averie-Arianne Lily-Anna Valentine-Ella Maple-Prue Violet-Freya Eve-Faye Arwen Lily-Arden Louise-Brynn Elora-Cassiana Belle-Adair Noelle-Mira Leonore-Cordelia June-Elysia Rose-Emilia Winter-Mara Penelope

    Cillian Grey-Finn Alden-Emmett Parker-Declan James-Rhys Donovan-Cormac Reid-Archer Jameson-Alden Brooks-Miles Lorcan-Ronan Adler-Jack Emerson-Calder Shea-Logan Shepherd-Lucas Fox

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    Your list of names is right up my alley. Thank you for the suggestions!

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