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  • Aurelia Jane 'Lock'

    31 48.44%
  • Catherine/Katherine Jane 'Lock' (Kate)

    7 10.94%
  • Clara Jane 'Lock'

    28 43.75%
  • Lucelia Jane 'Lock' (Lucy)

    9 14.06%
  • Verity Jane 'Lock'

    13 20.31%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Aug 2012
    Love Clara with your sibset. Josiah, Daphne and Clara wonderful

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    May 2013
    Clara Jane is my favorite by far.
    you can call me gail

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    Verity Jane is so cute! Aurelia and Lucelia are nice as well. I think Aurelia Jane is prettier, but I like the nickname potential for Lucelia.

    Catherine/Katherine and Clara don't really stand out in these combos. Plus Kate Jane Lock is choppy.

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    I chose Clara, as I can tell you love it! I do like it with your last name, and the double l's do not bother me. My second choice is Katherine, since you plan on calling her Kate. If you were going to call her by her full name, I love Catherine.
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    May 2012
    Clara is my favorite.

    2nd is Verity

    3rd is Katherine. I think I prefer the K
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