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    Narrowing it down...

    Hi everyone, expecting baby #3, (boy #2) in December. We have a tough last name - German, starts with Got-, and we have an extra-tough time with boys' names. I am not a fan of anything too common being a Jennifer , but I don't like anything super super unusual either.

    My older children are Amelia Grace and Owen Charles.

    After much discussion and arguing, here is what we have narrowed it down to:

    Grant Edward
    Callum Edward (nn Cal)
    Callum Gregory
    Reid/Reed Edward (husband doesn't like this one that much - his vote is Andrew but it is a little too traditional for me).

    What are your thoughts? Callum seems to be a love it or hate it name, and I fear that it is a little unusual. Plus someone told me it sounds like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Hmmm... also open to other suggestions.

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    Grant is handsome and distinguished name that goes well with Amelia and Owen. My doctor cousin is named Grant and it's served him well! I find Callum and Owen a bit too matchy. Reid would be my distant second choice. I've always like Caleb and Lucas with the name Owen. Do you like those names at all?
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    Your children have beautiful names, Amelia and Owen are great choices. To go with Amelia and Owen I would choose Grant Edward or Callum Edward. Callum is a great name, has the great nn potential of Cal and to me does not sound anything like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

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    I really like the name Callum, but it is a bit unusual compared to your childrens' names (which I LOVE by the way). I am really loving Grant Edward. It flows so well, it's masculine but still maintains class, and it fits so well with Amelia and Owen. Grant is also familiar yet not popular and easy to spell.
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