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    Quote Originally Posted by lissiegirl View Post
    Thank you for all of the opinions so far! Moonblossom, I know it's a bit cutesy but I sort of would love to have an Elle and a Belle. :-)
    Elle & Belle and Ellie & Belle is adorable! Elodie & Mirabelle would be a sweet sibset.
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    I think Annelise goes better with Elodie.

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    Such great feedback. I like both of them a lot. My husband seems to be a much bigger fan of Mirabelle though and I guess I have to make him a part of the decision also (haha).

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    Annaliese! I love Annaliese! Its so beautiful.
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    If you don't mind alliteration, and I don't, I think Mirabelle Maeve is the sweetest thing.

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