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    I bolded the names I love!

    Ronan Edmund - both names are nice, but they run into each other a bit. Ronan Percival or Ronan Faramond would flow better.
    Emil Perseus - I'm not fond of Emil
    Laurent Percival - this is okay, but not really my style
    Marcel Edmund - I like Edmund. Marcel always makes me think of the monkey on Friends, lol.
    Emil Tristan - again, not fond of Emil, and I prefer Perseus to Tristan
    Roman Casimir - I like both names and they go together well. Good combo!
    Leon Faramond Emil - I love Faramond as a mn!
    Thor Raphael - this is very....superhero like....gods and angels sorta deal. Raphael isn't bad as a mn, but I wouldn't use it with Thor.
    Arthur Lucian - I adore Arthur, but with Lucian it sounds like another Andalusian or something. Arthur Caspian! ooo, I love that!
    Caspian Zephyr - love Caspian! Zephyr isn't my style but the combo sounds very nice together!
    Marcel Aramis Fulk - I love Aramis! have you considered it as a first? Aramis Raphael or Aramis Laurent would be fab!
    Perseus Storm - again, this sounds a bit too X-Men for my taste

    may I ask where you're located? a lot of these names wouldn't fly too well where I am, but in a more French or Spanish culture I think they'd be great.
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    I am Slavic, haha. They would be super outlandish here, but I like it and doesn't bother me.

    Anyone else willing to share his/her opinion?
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    Ronan Edmund - This name is awesome, I love it! Have always loved Ronan and it's meaning and with Edmund is perfection!
    Emil Perseus - Hmmm... Emil is okay, I like Perseus a lot better. Do you like Perseus Emil?
    Laurent Percival - I like these names, but not as a combo.
    Marcel Edmund - This one is okay, but I prefer the combo of Ronan Edmund.
    Emil Tristan - I would like it better as Tristan Emil, but Tristan is one of those names that I just adore on a boy!
    Roman Casimir - Handsome and strong sounding!
    Leon Faramond Emil - I really like this one!
    Thor Raphael - Love Thor, maybe a different middle than Raphael?
    Arthur Lucian - Love it!
    Caspian Zephyr - Caspian is an awesome name, and it has a nice ring to it with Zephyr in the middle.
    Marcel Aramis Fulk - It's okay, but compared to others that you have it's just missing something.
    Perseus Storm - LOVE!

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    Oooh you've done a lovely job with combos! My favorites would be:

    Laurent Percival
    Ronan Casimir (instead of Roman so it's not too many M sounds)
    Thor Raphael
    Arthur Lucian
    Caspian Zephyr
    Perseus Storm
    Dominic James~ {7}

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    Anyone else?

    Thanks for help to everyone who replied and who will reply.

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