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    Unusual. Stromy. Masculine. Medieval

    What do you think? It's not too long, but I would be grateful on both negative and positive opinions. Don't shy away.

    Ronan Edmund
    Emil Perseus
    Laurent Percival
    Marcel Edmund
    Emil Tristan
    Roman Casimir
    Leon Faramond Emil
    Thor Raphael
    Arthur Lucian
    Caspian Zephyr
    Marcel Aramis Fulk
    Perseus Storm

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    Ronan Edmund - love this name. I have a soft apot for the 'little seal', Ronan, and Edmund definatly works wonderfully
    Emil Perseus, Perseus adds strength to the softer Emil. It works
    Laurent Percival, dare I say swoon worthy!
    Marcel Edmund, it's ok.
    Emil Tristan this feels quiet and solum rather than stormy and masculine
    Roman Casimir, love Casimir, not so fond of Roman. Would Prefur Ronan Casimir or Casimir Ronan
    Leon Faramond Emil clunky?
    Thor Raphael it doesn't work for me, I'm not sure why? Maybe Thor is too rough and tough next to the more flowery and graceful Raphael
    Arthur Lucian. LOVE! Totally swooning!
    Caspian Zephyr Ok
    Marcel Aramis Fulk no. Again I don't know why it just doesn't flow properly for me.
    Perseus Storm, storm doesn't have the magic quality of your other names. Perhaps it is too obvious?

    Good luck

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    Ohhhh....Ronan Edmund is wonderful! It stands out as being the clear winner here!

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    Ronan Edmund- very handsome combo
    Emil Tristan- like Emil, prefer it with Tristan in the middle
    Roman Casimir- I really like Roman, strong combo
    Arthur Lucian- super handsome name, would make a great subset with Ronan or Roman
    Perseus Storm- a little too out there for me but a cool name none the less
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    My favorites are Ronan (though I suggest Ronan Faramond rather than Ronan Edmund because I think it looks better written out), and Marcel Aramis. I would definitely drop the Fulk from Marcel Aramis, because it sounds like another certain F-word to me and because I feel like it weighs the name down. Marcel Aramis has a wonderful flow without it. All lovely choices though!

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