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    Congratulations! I LOVE Charlotte and Eleanor together. Lotte and Ellie are so cute! I tried to find a mix of classic and vintage names to fit with Charlotte's style.

    Amelia (Millie)
    Beatrice (Bea)
    Eliza (Ellie)
    Florence/ Flora (Florrie, Flossie)
    Evangeline (Evie)
    Felicity (Flick/a, Flossie)
    Genevieve (Evie, Viv, Gigi, Neve)
    Georgia (Gigi, Gia)
    Josephine (Josie,Posy, Effie)
    Julia (Jules)
    Louisa (Lulu)
    Matilda (Millie, Tillie, Tilda)
    Miranda (Mira, Minnie)
    Penelope (Penny, Nell, Poppy)
    Phoebe (Bea?)
    Rose/Rosalie (Rosie)
    Susannah (Sunny, Sosie, Sanna, Suki, Zuzu)
    Vivian/Vivienne (Viv)
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