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    Are any of these combos swoon worthy?

    Leonardo Ambrose- VETOED, said it sounds like a girls name.
    Leonardo Roman- VETOED, doesn't like the flow
    Leonardo Philippe/Philipe- VETOED Was my favorite
    Leonardo Xavier
    Leonardo Demetrius
    Leonardo Dmitri- VETOED
    Leonardo Artemus/Artemas-VETOED
    Leonardo Ignatius-VETOED
    Leonardo Elias
    Leonardo Blaise
    Leonardo Vaugh- VETOED
    Leonardo Emil- VETOED
    Leonardo Rhys-VETOED
    Leonardo Esmond-VETOED
    Leonardo Julian/Julius
    Leonardo Maurice
    Leonardo Stavros-VETOED
    Leonardo Marius-VETOED
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    Out of those, I think Leonardo Blaise is best. Considering how many syllables are in the first name, I think having that one syllable second name gives a better balance to the pacing, if that makes sense. Leonardo Roman would be my second choice.

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    Leonardo Philipe just sounds so good!!

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    Leonardo Ambrose-- Sounds feminine
    Leonardo Roman-- Like it
    Leonardo Philippe/Philipe-- Prefer Philip
    Leonardo Xavier-- Like it
    Leonardo Demetrius-- Too much name.
    Leonardo Artemus/Artemas-- Ditto.
    Leonardo Ignatius-- Thritto.
    Leonardo Elias-- Like it
    Leonardo Blaise-- I like the one-syllable in the middle flow, but the two names don't match well IMO.
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    Leonardo Philippe & Leonardo Elias are my favorites
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