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    Keeley used to be one of my favorite names ever! Unfortunately, my last name now ends with an "ee" sound, so I'll never be able to use it
    My other favorites from your list are Charlotte and Sophie.

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    Beautiful names! I particularly love:

    Charlotte Elizabeth
    Sophie Catherine
    Penelope June

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    Dorothy Elizabeth
    Delilah Catherine
    Dorothy Elizabeth is strong yet feminine, Dorothy should be used more often, it's so classic!
    Delilah Catherine is a spunky mix of new and old. Delilah is sweet and fragile but next to Catherine it holds its own and is made just as classic as Catherine is. I also like how to keep with the spunk you changed it up a bit using the C for Catherine.

    Just an FYI I didn't use June as mn bc I think it should be used for a baby that's born in June. Just mo
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    Miles Dean : Brynn Alexandra

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