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    Help Naming Identical Twins

    Hi Berries,

    I am a long time reader who just got the shock of my life: I am expecting identical twins. We don't know the gender yet.

    Our top choices are:

    boys: Milo and Finn

    girls: Charlotte and Seraphina (nn Lotte and Sadie)

    I know Charlotte is super popular but its a family name whose sentimental value trumps popularity

    Other names on our lists have been:




    Portia (nn Polly)

    For middles we are fairly set on Joseph for at least one boy (family name) and thinking Graham for another
    Girls middles are Rose (family name--not just a filler) and Wren (this one is wide open)

    Last name is two syllables and ends in man

    Appreciate any help or insight you can offer!

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    Milo and Finn are a great set! Milo Graham and Finn Joseph would be my suggestion.

    Charlotte and Seraphina are both lovely names, but a bit mismatched because of their different popularities.

    Charlotte and Eleanor would be perfect together.
    Charlotte and Corrine would be nice as well.
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    If they are identical there is a 99.999% certainty they are the same gender, either both boys or both girls.

    I like Finn and Charlotte.

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    My faves from your girls' list are Zoe & Eleanor (Zoe & Ellie).
    I do like Charlotte despite its popularity, and I think Corinne is beautiful.

    Seraphina to me is too much of a mouthful! And you can try to stop it but you have to expect it's going to get shortened to Sara somewhere along the line. Kinda boring?
    Catalina is the same thing - Its going to get shortened to Cat or Caty. Just like all the Katherines and Katrinas.

    I wanted desperately to change my name (Kate) to Portia when I was in the 7th grade, and now I have no idea why. I just don't see the appeal as an adult.

    Love both your middle names, I find Wren to be modern & hipsterish (in a good way), and Rose to be classically pretty.
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    Milo Graham and Finn Joseph are great - I see no reason to look further for boys names though I do like Milo and Erza together and Finn and Jack together.

    Since Charlotte is a family name, I would definitely go with it despite its popularity. (I would reserve the family mn for the other baby so they both have a family name.). Charlotte Wren is very pretty. I am not a fan of Seraphina. From your list, my favorite with Charlotte is Eleanor. Eleanor Rose and Charlotte Wren. Ellie and Lottie.

    You may want to use a more formal version of Rose as the first name. Charlotte and Rosemary or Charlotte and Rosalie. Lottie and Rosie.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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