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    I actually think Moriarty would be a great mn for a girl esp if the parents love Sherlock Holmes and want to keep the Sherlock and Watson monikers for a boy and don't love the Irene Adler ideas. And yeah, he's just as brilliant as Sherlock just you know the opposite. (But apparently I show too much appreciation for the genius/brilliance of super-villians lately.) Maybe one could balance the "evil" of Moriarty with a name that means peace?

    Eirene Moriarty (I realize it's super Sherlock-y).
    Uma Moriarty
    Fredericka Moriarty

    Astra Moriarty
    Estelle Moriarty

    Otherwise how about Moira (star of the sea) or Arrietty (after The Borrowers) as similar but different mn options?
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    I thought of On the Road for Moriarty. Especially with a moon name, it has kind of hippie vibe. I think Portia Moriarty is rather nice, cause it doesn't scream naturey/hippie/beat writer/rambling traveler. If that was the reference, I have no idea. But Portia is very nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post in Jim Moriarty? Or is it a family name?
    Yeah, I thought of this too.

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    I really like Maeve Moriarty for you.

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