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    I like Grace Caroline Augusta. I also feel Grace-Caroline is a bit clunky, but if her first name is going to be hyphenated any way, Caroline-Grace Augusta Jane sounds great to me. Plus, you can still use the nickname Gracie because Grace would be in her first name. Good luck! :-)

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    How about Grace Augusta Caroline? I think it flows a little better than Grace Caroline Augusta. And don't worry if you decide to switch names. It's always your prerogative to change your mind.
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    I don't like it as a hyphenate. However, Gracie is a sweet name, and there's nothing wrong with changing your mind and making Grace the first name. Grace Caroline Augusta or Grace Augusta Caroline are both lovely. Or even Grace Augusta Jane. Plus, you have time. I don't think you can go wrong either way.

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    Sometimes, as name lovers, we come up with these names that seem like perfection. We also put enormous amounts of pressure on ourselves to come up with the perfect name. Caroline Augusta Jane is utterly beautiful. But you keep coming back to Grace, which makes me feel like it may be the one for you. Grace Augusta Caroline is no less beautiful and I feel like it is YOUR name. A little Gracie in your family seems to fit. I think there is something to loving names and coming up with amazing combos and then naming a real human and having that name fit your lives.
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    I think you are totally free to change your mind but does your hubby want to change or is he content with her to stay Caroline?
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