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    I think Mason Christopher is very nice. And if the Mason is the name you love, you should go with it. How popularity will actually effect you is a guessing game anyway. The year my son was born the top 10 boys names were Michael, Jacob, Matthew, Joshua, Christopher, Nicholas, Brandon, Tyler, Andrew and Austin. My son's circle of friends, classmates and acquaintances include no Michaels, Matthews, Christophers, Brandons, Tylers, or Austins. He knows one Joshua, two Andrews and more Jacobs and Nicholases than you can count. Earlier today on another thread a college-aged NB mentioned that she knew both a Polly and a Molly. Favorites of mine, but I have never personally met a Polly or Molly in my life. Point is, you can't predict.

    That said, if the potential of 'too popular' bothers you, you could consider more

    -Occupational names: Slater, Abbott, Mercer, Tolliver, Porter, Draper, etc...
    -M names: Macon, Marcus, Malloy, Mathieson, etc.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smaroldo View Post
    Hi We have had the hardest time choosing a name for our little guy. His sister is Ava Grace and our last name is M.

    we like Mason Christopher M - the double M sounds nice, we think, but there are many drawbacks to this popular name, although we like it. I also like Carter, but hubby doesn't. Anyone else have thoughts on Mason or have another suggestion?

    I say, go for Mason Christopher. Both are wonderful names and fit well with Ava Grace.
    Sincerely, Jennifer


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    Mason would be too popular for me (I think it is #2 now), but there's nothing wrong with it.

    If I was matching with Ava, I might look at some of the more regal-sounding names (I think of Ava as very glamorous).

    Ava and James
    Ava and Gabriel
    Ava and Thomas
    Ava and Sebastian
    Ava and Dominic
    Ava and Oliver
    Ava and Miles
    Ava and Leo
    Ava and Theodore
    Ava and Griffin
    Ava and Simon
    Ava and Elliot
    Ava and Reid
    Ava and William

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    Mimicking your daughters name, Ava Grace, with another 3 letter first name would be nice too.

    Leo Christopher
    Eli Christopher
    Ian Christopher

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    Mason is indeed popular (in the US): Popular Baby Names--it's #2 overall right now. My husband and I are due in September and we've been dissuaded from using it for anything other than a middle name. By comparison, Carter is somewhere in the 20s right now, I think.
    Mason Christopher is a lovely pairing. Good luck figuring out the perfect name!

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