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    Lightbulb how do you see these 3 sisters?

    what comes to mind with these names? are they good sib names?

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    Solomon Henri Jace,Leland Wallace, Arlo Frost
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    Caedmon Wolfe

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    Luella Edith,Flannery Kate,Elora Frances
    Florence Adele,Lilia Inez,Enid Sylvia Gertrude
    Edith Lynley Inez,Lior Josephine,Livia Pearl
    Lizbeth Rosabelle

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    Leatrice- Feels like I'm saying Leeches.
    Muriel- Reminds of an old lady. Or in this case of Chandler Muriel Bing (Friends).
    Viviette- Sound likes Yvette without the Y
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    I guess it would depend upon the story line. I think that writers who also happen to be name lovers have to be careful with what they name characters, in order to avoid unbelievable names, and therefore unbelievable characters.

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    They sound made up (and I totally agree with Chandler Muriel Bing. That's what I first thought of. THE M STANDS FOR MURIEL?!?!). So if that's what you're going for, great! If not... Maybe go a different route.
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    Maybe it would help to explain the story more. I assume this is set in the like the 1920's or something. In real life, I would despise these names (although I knew the most old wonderful woman named Muriel. Born 1901. Died 2000.)
    Anyway tough crowd especially as there are people who try to make Ethel happen. (Shudders)
    Leatrice is not my favorite. I would like Lettitia more with the nickname Letty. For some reason I picturing British people a little like Downton Abbey but not entirely. She seems spunky like a cross between Lady Mary and Lady Sibyl, proud a little snobby, but civic minded.
    Muriel the most serious of the bunch a nerd heroine.
    Viviette Lively party girl who's kind of ditz.

    None of these sound current, so be warned on that. I like the last two much better than the first.

    Good Luck!

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