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    I actually love Trick as a nn for Patrick and I think it would fit in well with your other boys names!
    Patrick "Trick": I think Patrick is classic but interesting and I adore the nn Trick. I think Trick is whimsical and spunky and adds an edge to Patrick that is very appealing.
    August "Gus": August is a great name and Gus is so sweet. I like how August is more formal and Gus is very approachable and friendly.
    Charles "Chaz": I grew up with a Chaz and I always liked his name. I think Chaz is fun and a little wild where Charles is all business.
    Edmund "Teddy": I like Edmund but I don't love the nn Teddy, it seems more juvenile than your other son's nn's and I'm not sure how Teddy will age.
    Arthur "Artie": I love Arthur I think it is strong with a bit of a mystical touch because of the King Arthur stories. I don't love Artie but I think it could grow on me when worn by the right little boy.
    Winston "Win": I think the nn Win is awesome but I am not a huge Winston fan.
    George "Geo": I don't like the nn Geo it makes me think of geology and rocks and not in a fun way. George also lacks the kick of your other choices imo.

    I think Frankie, Huck, Flip, and Trick is the best combination followed by Frankie, Huck, Flip, and Gus. I love your boys names I think they are just awesome...can't wait to see what you pick!
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    I really like:

    August "Gus"
    Edmund "Teddy"
    Arthur "Artie"

    Arthur is my favorite!

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    My favorite out of those is the August/Gus combination; a nice combination of formal and friendly.

    I also really like the nickname Geo for George, but I have a feeling the world is going to be over-saturated with George now, ha ha.

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    Patrick "Paddy" (other nickname suggestions? I like Trick but am worried it's just way too much)-- Eh, I dislike the name Patrick because the only nn that isn't weird or doesn't sound like a leprechaun is Pat, which isn't the cutest for a little boy. Works for a man though.
    George "Geo"-- Never heard of this nn, and I think people might think it's a stretch/too bizarre.
    Winston "Win"-- Nah.
    August "Gus" -- Dingdingding! August fits perfectly with your other classic boys' names, and Gus is freaking adorable. Absolutely the best choice.
    Edmund "Teddy" (Teddy is an accepted nn for Edmund, right?) -- Not to my knowledge, no. Teddy is for Theodore. Which would be a good choice, actually!
    Charles "Chaz" (we fell in love with Chuck but then realized it rhymes with Huck... ugh)-- Chaz is all Bono to me.
    Arthur "Artie" (I'm not sold on this but husband loves it)-- Not bad. My 2nd choice from this list.
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