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Thread: Triplet names

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    I don't like the phonetic similarity for multiples either. Those names are too close.

    My choices:
    Girls- Margaret (Maisie), Elizabeth (Betty), & Catherine (Kate)
    Boys- James, Henry, & Daniel

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    I agree with many others. I don't like matchy names, especially on multiples!

    I know one set of triplets who are 18 months. The boys are identical and all of their middle names are after grandparents.

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    Three L names for triplet daughters is so confusing!
    Mom to James Daniel (10) William Joseph (9), Elise Marie (8), and Zachary Allan (1)

    #5, coming in mid-Sept 2015--TEAM BLUE!
    Rose, Clara, Adele, April, Cecilia, Serena (Seri), Audrey, Claire, Marguerite, Kate, Linnea (Lindy), Gloria
    Thomas, Paul, Henry, Miles, Arthur, Samuel, Seth

    Combos of the moment: Thomas Paul, Rose Audrey, Clara Eve, & Cecilia Jane

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    I would definitely not want matchy names. I would want each name to start with it's own letter and end with it's own sound. I'd try to match stylistically, but I would probably just use my three favourites.
    Boys: Caleb, August & Flynn (I prefer Henry to Flynn, but I think Flynn goes better with my other two favourites)
    Girls: Sadie, Mabel & Flora - this was totally not what I was expecting to write! But I do really like it.
    I like Celia, Aria, Mila, and Ginny as well, but they just didn't fit in the sibset.

    Annabel, Beatrice, Tessa, Daisy, Clara, Kit, Evie, Sophie

    Oscar, Albus, Felix, Ronan, Wally, Wyatt, Henry, Charlie

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    When I was about nine I used to threaten my mom that I would have three girls and name them Aurora, Phoebe and Dawn - it drove her totally mad as the meanings are so similar.

    now I know that I will never have triplets (unless we need some serious help) so I haven’t contemplated it much...I do have twin names though, I guess I’d choose another name that fits in with the theme for the twins.
    So.... Illyria, Merida and another place name that ends in a. (Maybe: Galena, or Savannah or something - clearly I haven’t completely thought this through).
    and... Hendrik, Leonidas and another longer older name that has a “proper” name as a nn like Henry and Leon. Maybe Maximus nn Max (though we already have three Max’s so you know something else...)
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
    Endora & Lorelei / Dexter & Gideon
    ...we are newlyweds and not trying...yet...

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