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  • Annabel Kate (nn Annie)

    55 63.95%
  • Anna Charlotte (probably nn Annie)

    31 36.05%
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Thread: Anna/Annabel

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    I voted for Annabel- it's more girly and beautiful, fun and lighthearted but still sophisticated. Anna seems plain in comparison. But if Annabel Charlotte would be an option, I like it better than Annabel Kate.
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    I prefer the combination Anna Charlotte to Annabel Kate.

    I think Claire Elise & Anna Charlotte sound best together.

    Clara Elspeth & Annabel Kate would have sounded nice together as well. The combinations seem more obscure and vintage.

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    This is all very helpful. Thank you for the feedback so far! I like both names for different reasons. Annabel is definitely more fun to me, but Anna is more classic. Anna almost bores me at times though, but I love it at other times. So tough!

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    Annabel Kate has better flow.

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    Annabel Kate has the better flow but I voted for Anna because I love how classic it is and have never really seen the appeal of Annabel. I have a Clare and have considered Anna and Anne in the past.
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