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  • Murron Genevieve

    0 0%
  • Mauren Genevieve

    9 13.24%
  • Maren Genevieve

    52 76.47%
  • Merrin Genevieve

    7 10.29%
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    Red face if it's a girl...and if it's a boy?

    If it's a girl we have Murron(Mar-ren) Genevieve picked, but not sure of the spelling. and if it's a boy we have some ideas.
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    In Scotland and Ireland at least, Murron isn't pronouced Mar-ren, it's pronounced exactly like it looks Mur-ron and is a bit harsh in those accents so I'm not particularly fond of it. Merrin I'd pronounced mehr-rin. Mauren I'd prm again like it looks, maur-ren. They are all very different names to me, so if you want the mar-ren prn I'd go with Maren.
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    Maren is the most intuitive spelling but I like the look of Merrin the best.
    I would say Murron Mah-RON
    Maren as Mah-REN
    Mauren as MOR-ren
    Merrin MEH-rin,

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    To me:
    Murron is MURR-inn
    Mauren is MAWR-inn
    Maren and Merrin are both MARE-inn

    I like Maren and Merrin the best

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    I would assume that Murron was a boy, and Maren a girl. With Merrin I wouldn't be sure. I would assume that Mauren was a girl as well.

    I voted for Maren.
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