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    @Sunshine, I totally understand it now lol I got a little lost before. Thank you for clearing it up for me!
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    I think it works, but I like Hazel Andromeda instead.

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    Not fond of Aphrodite. It's like you put in a nice name and then throw something totally of the radar.
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    I want to say it's fine because it's in the middle, but honestly if my middle name was Aphrodite and someone asked me about my middle name, I'd probably be embarrassed to tell them. But I'm a very shy person, so if I had a different personality it might be a totally different story and something to be proud of! It's certainly a cool name, just a bit OTT for most people. Be ready for some raised eyebrows when your birth announcements go out

    Side note: I absolutely love Hazel Isadora. Sooo stunning!
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    I love Hazel! Aphrodite is not my first choice, I don't really think of it as a good flow with Hazel. I think of Hazel as really a warm and sweet name, and I think of Aphrodite as a cool, mysterious, powerful, ruthless-ruler name. Aphrodite could be a good middle name, just not with Hazel I think. If you're going for the warm, sweet feel, may I suggest something Like Hazel Rae/Kaye/May, Hazel Renee, or Hazel with an Isa- name like Isabeau, Isabelle, Isadora?

    Though, overall, if you like it, don't mind my 2 cents, you know? I don't think it's awful, I'm just not big on goddess names.

    I wish you good naming luck!
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