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    Accidentally posted in wrong forum: How do ovulation kits work?

    I understand the test works in terms of detecting the surge of LH. And you can either pee on the stick or dip it into a cup of urine. But what I do not understand is how do you know when you are suppose to start testing? No tests specifically tell you. They just tell you what the Ovulation kit does. I am not looking to by one yet since this is only our second month TTC but it we continue to have negative tests 2 months from now I want to give the kits a whirl.

    Thanks in advance
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    My doctor recommended using OPKs starting on Day 10 of your cycle (day 1 being the first day of AF). Then test every day with your first morning urine until you get a positive. Good luck!
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    For #2, I followed the instructions and kept totally missing out on testing during my fertile days. When I talked to an ob-gyn nurse on the phone, she said a woman can be fertile starting from about a week after the first day of her last period, and my due date seems to line up pretty much exactly with that calculation.

    So I know every woman is different, but for me, the box instructions were off. The tests I was buying kept telling me to wait until about 14 days after the first day of my last period, and clearly, that was way too long for me.
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    The first time I used them, I started testing a few days before I thought I would ovulate. Test every day either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Apparently, first morning urine isn't the best for detecting LH. When you get a positive, you'll most likely ovulate within the next 24 hours. I definitely recommend trying them so you can be sure of when you're ovulating and when to concentrate your efforts lol.
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    Some tests include enough for every day of the month. I tried one of those the first months I tried using them. You can also buy them online to save money. Good luck! Hope you don't get the chance to use them.
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