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    Australian Berries- how many boys called River have you met (in Australia)?

    I wanted to ask anyone on here from Australia how many boys called River you have come across in Australia? What was your reaction/initial thoughts when you learned his name was River?
    My partner and I are still tossing up between the names Ry or River for a boy. We both agree that we would probably go with River if we could be sure it won't be a be a problem for him. If it grows in popularity, it will probably be fine, but I cant find any evidence to indicate that it is growing in popularity in Australia.
    Therefore, we are leaning towards Ry, as it seems the safer option, even though it is also a little different. We love both names, but for both of us, there is something a bit more special about River, we just dont want to cause him to be bullied etc for having an 'odd' name.
    Thanks in advance!

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    My cousin is called River.. I like it better than Ry. We are in NSW I find looking names up on FB handy for that kind of thing

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    Thanks for your reply Sorrelorelei! We are also in NSW I did actually do a search for Rivers in our area on FB and found only 2.
    Do you mind me asking how your cousin has found having that name (amongst school peers etc)?
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    I'm from Sydney never met a River. Love the name for either sex. I think it's more familiar now because of fire fly and the actor. I think he would get more compliments then teasing. Also it dost rymth with anything.

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    I'm in Australia. I've never met anyone named River and I'm a teacher so I meet lots of kids. I think River is really cute and it's way cuter than Ry!
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