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    I'm not so much of a fan as Whitney, and immediately think of Whitney Houston. However, I do like Winnie (and Whit, if you are set on Whitney) and since your other daughter is called Gracie, I think Winnie would be fine as a sibling, or even Wendy - Gracie and Wendy are very nice together. Good luck!

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    I love Whitney because its my dear mothers name. Winnie is a cute nickname! For middles, how about Whitney Caroline, Whitney Charlotte, Whitney Claire, Whitney Josephine, Whitney Amelia, and Whitney Evangeline.

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    I love Winnie! I don't see why you can't make it a nn for Whitney, if you want to! Winslow, Winslet, and Winifred are probably more obvious choices for the nn though.

    Middle name suggestions:

    Whitney Eloise
    Whitney Sage
    Whitney Amelia
    Whitney Talia
    Whitney Helen
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    Whitney is dated to me but I like Winnie. You could also go with Gwyneth nn Winnie.
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    I love Winnie. I know one who is a baby named Winifred. I've considered it for Wilhelmina, but thought that might be a stretch. I intuitively want to say Whit for Whitney, not Win, but I'm sure you can make it work. For me, Winnie is more modern than Whitney despite the Pooh & Cooper connections. Whitney feels classy, but dated 80s/90s. Not unusable, but I like Winnie much more.

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