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    I like Nimue Anna and Nimue Eve.

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    I like Nimue Violet for its nature-y feel (I love The Mists of Avalon) and because it sort of matches her up with her sister's [flower] name. Are there any other nature/flower names you like?

    Also: I think Nimue is rad
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    I love Nimue Anna and Nimue Violet! And Nimue is a lovely name (so excited you picked Peregrine for a boy!). There will, unfortunately, be pronunciation issues, but if you really love the name your daughter will too : ) I'm quite sure of that.
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    Thank you! I think Anna, Violet, Flora and Lenore are my favourites (thought the last two seem very matchy with Forman). What do you think of Susannah and (H)Eloise?

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    I have just found out Lenore was my great Grandmother's middle! She was Sadie Lenore...

    I haven't really found any other naturey names I like apart from Violet.. Hazel I like but it is taken already in the family.

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