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    I like Henry and Felix! I would also stay away from Milo/Leo and Felix due to the cat/lion association, which is really too bad since they are great names.

    I love the suggestion of Jasper!

    Other Suggestions
    Calvin (oh no Calvin and Hobbes, never mind)
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    I really love Henry, I have been trying to convince my husband we should use it with no luck so I enjoy knowing others can have the pleasure of having a little Henry. I like Jasper as well with Felix. Hugo is great too. Hugo and Felix sound perfect to me.

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    Wow, I love Felix- and I'm slightly jealous you are having boy twins!
    Keep in mind that I like names for twins that are extremely 'matchy' in style/length/popularity while not actually being 'matchy'. If you don't mind very different names for twins then you may want to ignore my opinion!

    Henry: I really love this name. It goes fabulously with Felix. I know it would bother me a bit that one name is more popular than the other, so I would probably not use Henry. Looking ahead to your list, you can't really go wrong. All of your name choices are great- I'm just going to be picky

    Milo: Goes great. I have a friend Milo and it gives me confidence that the name can fit a boy/man at any age! Don't pick it if you don't want to hear the cat comments though, because you will. I personally think the connection is cute.

    Leo: To me this doesn't go as great as Milo or Henry, and I'm only so-so about it. Sounds like you feel similar.

    Jonah: Felix and Jonah are very different to me.

    Miles: Same as Leo to me.

    Vincent: Great name! I would not pair it with Felix as a twin. Middle name maybe?

    Linus: Right when I saw you were naming the one twin Felix I thought "Linus for the other!" , but then I realized saying "Felix! Linus!" out loud (like you inevitably will each day) doesn't sound AS great I thought.. Still a great name and goes well enough. I like it.

    Since your husband likes Jonah, maybe he could also like Caleb? I think Caleb and Felix would be great together!
    *Oscar and Felix IMO is near perfection.*
    Calvin is another one I picture with twin Felix.
    As you can see in my signature my two favourite boy names are Hugo and Ezra. Both of which would be great with Felix!
    Caspar or Jaspar would also be good.

    My favourites from your list are Felix and Milo and Felix and Linus.

    Good luck!
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    I like Milo, Miles, Oliver, Oscar, Casper,
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    However much I love and adore Henry (and I do, I really do), I, like you, think that it's slightly more classic-common than Felix. It would work perfectly in a sibset, but with twins it's tricker because you don't want one twin to feel left out and either think that he's got a too mainstream name compared to his brother's, or that he's got too special a name compared to his brother's. On the other hand, if you're really passionate about Henry, I would say go for it. While it isn't a classic like Henry, Felix is not an overly, super-duper, never-heard-of-before name, and it can work.

    I also like Vincent a lot, Felix and Vincent sounds great - and you don't have to call Vincent by a nickname, it's a beautiful name on its own.

    I was gonna give you some suggestions, but all I ended up with was Hugo (another nickname-free name to match Felix). Felix and Hugo has a quite lovely ring to it and both names give me a cheeky, lively kind of feel. My imageries of both names are very alike.
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