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    Its a Prince!!!! Royal baby born!

    The royal baby is finally here! and its a boy!! Born at 4:24 PM BST, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. I am dying to hear the name!!!! aaaaghhh!!!! Im hoping for something classic, but still a little unexpected! I wonder when they will announce the name...

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    I was honestly hoping for a girl (particularly for the female succession thing, but also for names).

    Now, I hope they make with the name soon!
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    Royals usually don't announce names for about a week or more after the birth. I was hoping it was a girl too!Now, I'm hoping for a King Arthur - Arthur George Philip Louis.
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    Honestly I was hoping for a lil Prince!! King Arthur would be soo handsome!
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    I was also hoping for a future queen, but would love a little future King Arthur as well!
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