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    Cecelia, Cecilia, Cecily

    Which of these do you like best: Cecelia, Cecilia, or Cecily?

    I have a friend I might one day like to honor in the mn slot. She spells it Cecelia, but I prefer the Cecilia spelling (mostly because I don't like it shortened to Cece). Cecily might make a nice tribute while not being exactly the same; I like the idea of tributes rather than directly copying a name.

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    Cecilia is my preferred spelling also. I like Celia & Cecily as well.
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    I prefer Cecilia spelt this way as well. I also like Celia but perhaps as a nickname for Cecilia. These are options for my baby due in a couple of months. I also don't like it shortened to Cece!

    For me, Cecily is too close to Sicily and I don't like place names.

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    I too prefer the Cecilia spelling, it just looks more classic to me.
    I think Cecily is a great choice - tribute, like you say, and then you won't have questions about why you used the same name but changed the spelling.
    Celia would however also be a good choice.

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    Cecelia, Cecilia, or Cecily? Hmmm...
    My preferred spelling is Cecelia, but either way is nice. Out of the three I actually like Cecily the best. It's different and girly without trying to be. But any of the choices are nice!
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