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Thread: Dorothy Ruth

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    Dorothy Ruth

    Aww, my friend had a baby this morning and gave her the name Dorothy Ruth, nn "Dottie". I'm in love! Dorothy is classic yet unexpected.
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    ADORABLE! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! [If I was really picky then there are too many r's but oh well it's beautiful]
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    Wow - I love it - really love it.

    Huge congratulations to your friend.
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    Oh my goodness, Dottie is so freaking adorable! Congrats to your friend!
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    Oh my! I'm a little winded from doing my happy dance...

    I love the name Dorothy Ruth and Dottie is so darling. I am definitely putting this one on my list of names to annoy, suggest to, my daughter or daughter-in-law when/if the time comes.

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