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    A friend of mine tossed out Richard for the royal name. I think it's got potential!
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    I doubt they will call him James, as it's Kate's brother's name.

    I'm rooting for Arthur.

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    Arthur! Please be Arthur! I'm guessing it will be George though which is a great name but .... you know.... pretty predictable. Part of me is rooting for Richard as well. But I might cry if they don't use Arthur.

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    I'm hoping they stick Francis in there :-)

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    Just as an aside I wonder how much input Kate and William actually had in the naming process. So many restrictions, or traditions to be kept, and "so and so is named that so probably not..." At least they get to pick 4 names from those that meet approval!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    Is George predictable? Here in America it's pretty uncommon for modern babies.
    It might be uncommon here, it isn't there, it's the sixth most popular name.

    Plus it's been the name of several kings, and Charles himself is planning to use George as his regal name, and not reign as Charles.

    So yes, in terms of the UK and royal history, it's incredibly predictable and somewhat boring.
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