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    Quote Originally Posted by smismar View Post
    Oh, it's 100% OUT if the royals use it.
    If there was a like button, I would press it.

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    It's one of my favorite names. I think of Arthur Weasley mostly. The name strikes me as calm, kindhearted, maybe a little old-fashioned. The cartoon doesn't come to mind at all.
    i'm seventeen and i think everyone deserves to have sincere thought put into their name.
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    I adore Arthur, it would have been Daisy's middle name were she a boy. Philip Arthur was our planned combo. I think its handsome, regal, interesting, underused and classic. I would completely avoid if the Royal's use it though, as PP said.

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    Arthur is likely a 'better' option for the cartoon issue you were referring to before. However, how about just Ari as the first name?

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    Love Arthur and the nickname Ari!
    I don't think it's out if the royals use it - that's like saying no one can name their baby William or Catherine or Elizabeth or Henry/Harry. Do expect people to associate his name with the royal baby, especially if he's born anytime soon, and for popularity to increase somewhat. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, though, and if you love Arthur you should use it.

    I think of the cartoon character (in a wonderfully endearing way!) and King Arthur of legend.
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