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    Tell me about Gabriel (especially imagery!)

    I'm hoping all you visual berries can help me out. Normally not getting any sort of imagery from a name would be a deal breaker for me, but I've fallen too hard for Gabriel to let it go. What sort of imagery do you get from Gabriel? Gabriel is a soft, creamy light blue to me and feels soft like a puppy or a kitten, but that's all I've got... Please inspire me!

    You can also help by telling me what you think Gabriel would look like or what kind of personality he would have. Thanks!
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    I love the name, though the one I knew bearing the name was less than honorable. I won't let him ruin the name for me though. It's lovely, strong, angelic.

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    I knew one terribly rude boy in elementary school named Gabriel (Gabe). But that association aside...

    To me, it's a light and airy name for a quiet and considerate small boy. He is observant and intuitive and smart.

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    I love Gabriel, I hate the nickname Gabe though, it might just be me but I totally think that it's ruining the beauty of the name.

    Gabriel is light and mild, the opposite of a troublemaker, a good boy. He's intelligent, helpful and, like fivebabymen said, quiet (which isn't a bad thing, he's a thinker). I don't know, I'm so terrible at imagery, but yeah, that's what I imagine when I hear the name Gabriel.
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    Gabriel to me is a poet - very intelligent and bit of scholar. Great name for a small child or when older :-)

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