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    Question Opinions on a sibset?

    What do you think of the sibset Alexandra Claire "Annie", and Beatrice Maeve "Bee"?

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    They make sense together. I'm really favoring the Beatrice Maeve combo, though. I love the swap of the 'e' and 'a' in Beatrice and Maeve. Beatrice Maeve seems more spunky and fun than Alexandra Claire, but maybe the names balance each other out well that way.
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    I like it, except for the Alexandra part. Annie also doesn't seem like a nn that works for Alexandra. What about Annabel Claire or Anna Claire, nn Annie?

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    I think they are a fine duo for sisters. Alexandra and Beatrice are both classic and traditional names with a royal pedigree. I also like the fact that they both have one-syllable middle names too. Annie isn't an intuitive nn for Alexandra but the "an" letters are contained in the name so it's doable.
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    Alexandra Claire & Beatrice Maeve are lovely together! I love the spunk of Alexandra & Maeve, with the classic & timeless Alexandra & Beatrice.

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