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    I like:




    Josephine (Josie, Jo)


    Arianna (Aria)

    With a common last name that is also short, you can get away with a more unique or longer first name, for sure.

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    Favorites are bolded.

    Aubrey/Aubree - You should probably avoid asking opinions on anything with a two-E's-instead-of-a-Y ending on this site, because we'll just unanimously hate it. Aubrey is ok, but I prefer Audrey.

    Tessa - Gorgeous, strong and wearable.

    Fiona - Same as Tessa.

    Emma - I know it's a classic, but it's very uninspired. I'd relegate it to the middle unless you're honoring someone.

    Norah - A nice enough name, but not my style.

    Alivia/Livia - Livia is great. Alivia feels tryndee and I dislike it.

    Keira - Really like this one. I think the Kira spelling looks more streamlined and slightly less like you got it from Keira Knightley, though.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - Lovely and spunky. Perennial nameberry favorite.

    Adrienne - Kinda nice. -enne endings tend to annoy me, but I see the necessity here.

    Arianna (Aria) - Eh. Sounds kinda vacuous.

    Vanessa (Ness) - Pretty but dated.
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    Aubrey/Aubree: this is a boy's name.

    Tessa: I want to like it, but it feels incomplete.

    Fiona: love love love

    Emma: it's ok. Not a huge fan of it. For some reason, it makes me think of maple syrup.

    Norah: meh. The Kartrashians ruined all Nor- names.

    Alivia/Livia: Why not Olivia? Spelling it different does not change the sound.

    Keira: like. Would love to meet a child named this.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo): like. Slightly prefer Josephina (pronouncing the J)

    Adrienne: meh. Much better than Adrianna. Still, not my favorite in your list, but not horrible.

    Arianna (Aria): I can never see the appeal in this. Makes me think of Aryan.

    Vanessa (Ness): feels dated.
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    Aubrey/Aubree - Never been a fan of this name, though I like Bree on its own.

    Tessa - Love this name; its friendly and down to earth.

    Fiona - Very beautiful name with a lot of history and elegance.

    Emma - Very sweet and friendly name.

    Norah - I prefer Nora better, but its just as darling as Tessa or Emma.

    Alivia/Livia - Spelling it Alivia is trendy and is going to cause a lot of confusion. Olivia is more classic and elegant. Livia is great (its my name obv).

    Keira - Playful as a child, mysterious and exotic as a grown woman.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - Love. Its sweet, joyful, friendly, cute.

    Adrienne - Lacks playfulness, beauty, and elegance.

    Arianna (Aria) - Trendy

    Vanessa (Ness) - I like Nessa wayy better.

    Tessa Josephine
    Fiona Olivia
    Emma Josephine
    Norah Bree
    Nessa Josephine
    Olivia Josephine
    Olivia Emma
    Livia Josephine
    They all also go wonderfully with Joy as a middle.
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