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    *Daughters Quiz*

    Daughter 1:

    FN - How many syllables are in your first name?
    1 - Eve, Jane, or May
    2 - Helen, Erin, or Ivy
    3 - Violet, Lydia, or Stephanie
    4+ - Carolina, Alexandra, or Evangeline

    MN - What color are the walls of your bedroom?
    White - Sarah, Emily, or Hannah
    Beige - Martha, Linda, or Deborah
    Green - Rosalyn, Flora, or Iris
    Blue - Marina, Coral, or Sandrine
    Pink - Lola, Maisie, or Paisley
    Other - Marta, Bridget, or Keira

    Daughter 2:

    FN - What is your opinion on the Harry Potter Series?
    LOVE IT - Hermione, Luna, or Minerva
    Like it - Lily, Ginny, or Fleur
    It's okay - Rita, Dolores, or Petunia
    Dislike it - Jillian, Laura, or Megan
    Haven't read/seen it: Tabitha, Jada, or Fiona

    MN - If you had to watch a children's show for 24 hours straight, which would you pick?
    Blue's Clues - Paprika, Magenta, or Josephine
    Pokemon - Misty, Jennifer, or Joy
    Sesame Street - Abigail, Arlene, or Clementine
    Max & Ruby - Ruby, Maxine, or Louise
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Daisy, Minnie, or Clarabelle
    Dora the Explorer - Dora, Isabelle, or Alicia

    Daughter 3:

    FN - What is your favorite animal to visit at the zoo?
    Tigers - Theresa, Tara, or Theodora
    Monkeys - Morgan, Mary, or Miriam
    Seals - Serena, Scarlet, or Sierra
    Giraffes - Gloria, Gretchen, or Georgia
    Penguins - Petra, Penelope, or Piper
    Elephants - Evelyn, Elizabeth, or Esther

    MN - If you had to name all of your children using names from only one "origin," which would you choose?
    Arabic - Fatima, Nadira, or Zoraya
    Japanese - Midori, Nagisa, or Sakura
    Swahili - Adhra, Jasiri, or Rafiya
    Native American - Catori, Shalie, or Winona
    Dutch - Elke, Lidewij, or Ottoline
    Chinese - Lian, Xue, or Mei

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    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Charlotte, NC
    “She wasn't doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.”
    - J.D. Salinger

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    Daughter 1: Helen Martha 'Nell'
    Daughter 2: Dolores Josephine 'Dolly'
    Daughter 3: Esther Elke 'Essie'
    Momo Flora
    Dossie Roland

    Name List:

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