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    Caroline Augusta Jane sounds beautiful! Sorry to hear you've been made to doubt this name for your daughter to be....I vote that you stick to your guns and keep the name that you and your husband have chosen. Plus, it goes wonderfully with your other children's names!

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    I love the name Caroline. I think it is awesome with your other girls I always had doubts when someone questioned my name... but I always went back to the original if it was right!
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    Caroline Augusta Jane is stunning, and i think it goes with your others kids's names much better than Grace. Grace is nice, but its so popular and works better as a middle imo. Its not too late to change but i wouldn't if i were you, you might really regret it. Just remember, you considered Grace originally and decided against it for various good reasons. You are really good at this naming business, trust your judgement and don't let yourself be swayed!
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    Well, my two main factors against Grace were:
    1. My third daughter has Grace in her name (it is her second middle), while that wasn't a "deal breaker" it was a factor.
    2. I am not crazy about the flow of Grace with our Last name... which starts with the "S" sound..... that was a bigger factor for me the names just seem to run together).
    Thanks I think as a name lover, there is just always a little something there in the back of my head.... lol!!!
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    @Ash- I really do not want to wait until she is born... I did that with Serena, and it was just way too stressful I feel much better having the name chosen before hand.

    I am going to email hubby to get his opinion on it (he hasn't said anything, and has seemed perfectly happy with Caroline... after all he had a big say in it)... but I will just see what he says...
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