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    No no no. You must stick with Caroline. No wheedling or manipulation should be able to convince you that Grace is better than Caroline Augusta Jane. That is an amazing name. Seriously, amazing. Amazing! And there are no nicknames for Grace. Caroline wins across the board. You've already got the onesies! At that point, everyone else needs to learn to keep their mouth shut. The onesies have been purchased. Too late. You're stuck with a perfect name.

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    Well, I love the idea of Grace Caroline Augusta for you, personally, I mean, the idea of you with a Gracie has really grown on me and I think it'd be adorable. That being said, you guys obviously really love Caroline, too, so I don't know. And Caroline Augusta Jane is beautiful. I am with @brigid16 - could you wait until she arrives, and see if she's more of a Grace or a Caroline? I suppose you could name her Grace Caroline Augusta and still call her Caroline, but I suppose that defeats the purpose of using Grace again...
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    If you had not doubted it until your mother mentioned Grace, I would stick with your original combo! It really is stunning, in my opinion.
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    Caroline Augusta Jane - all the way. It is lovely and works with your other children. Grace Caroline Augusta just doesn't have the same ring to me. But I do prefer Caroline over Grace to begin with, so that may be clouding my opinion
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    Funny to see this because I was thinking about your name choice last night and I was thinking I'm so surprised she didn't pick Grace so her hubby could have his Gracie.
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