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    Quote Originally Posted by elisabeth rae View Post
    That is ridiculous, I'm sorry. The sentiment behind it is nice, but it just comes off as a crazy "creative" spelling. Julia Leigh or Juliana Leigh would be so much better.
    Totally agree....

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    I agree the sentiment is sweet, but think it would be difficult for the child. As nice as it is to honour your great grandmother, most people Juleigha meets won't actually know her great great grandmother's name, so it'll just look like a trendy yooneek spelling. I think Julia Leigh or Julianna Leigh is a much better option.
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    Eh. I would personally tell her to skip honoring ME and just go with Leigh. In the middle slot.

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    Also, does she like Leah? Leah Juliet, Leah Julianne, or Leah Juliana might be a nice way to honor both of you.

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    The idea is sweet in theory, but in reality that spelling is horrific and will result in nothing but headaches and constant corrections.
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