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    Quote Originally Posted by caitypete View Post
    To be quite honest, it feels like many of your middle names share a lot of the same sounds with Josephine - which you may like, but I am not a fan of. I like both names to have distinct sounds, it feels better to me. Josephine Ruth has a nice ring, and each has its own distinct sounds, where as Josephine Zophia, to me, has far to many similar sounds (s/z, ph, long O, and long e sounds). Just my opinion.
    I think you're probably right. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. But I've always liked Sophia and Josephine paired together, so it doesn't surprise me that this time around I'm really loving Josephine Tzofia and Josephine Zofia.

    I am considering Ruth as a second middle (it's a family name), but I wouldn't do just Josephine Ruth. I had a nightmare once about a Josephine Ruth, and I still have really strong negative feelings to just those two names alone, but I do love the idea of something like Josephine Zosia Ruth or Josephine Tzofia/Zofia Ruth...

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    Thanks, ladies! I think I've managed to eliminate Josephine Cosima, Josephine Edith, Josephine Lucia, and Josephine Zoe, and I'm thinking of letting Felicity and Zofia (but not Tzofia!) go, too. I'm still tossing around the other options, though... I'm leaning toward potentially using Ruth or Rue as the second middle--whichever works best. I like Josephine Zinnia Rue, but I like Ruth better with Josephine Tzofia...

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    Josephine Cosima - glad you eliminated; too much O and the wrong rhythm
    Josephine Edith - darn, I actually quite like this one
    Josephine Felicity - bit long, yeah
    Josephine Ivy - not bad at all
    Josephine Leona - would you consider Josephine Lenore instead?
    Josephine Lucia - doesn't work for me, what about Josephine Linnea?
    Josephine Tzofia - because it's an honor name, it works for me
    Josephine Zinnia - I could fall in love with Josephine Zinnia Ruth!
    Josephine Zoe - too much O
    Josephine Zofia - too much O
    Josephine Zosia - too much O

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    I like Josephine Ivy.

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