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    Name help

    We're planning names for our future babies and I'm stuck on names that would work with the sibling Amy-Louise, surname Kitcher.

    We more classic names Amy, Emily, Amelia, Thomas, Joseph, Theodore etc. - examples.

    The child will have 2 middle names due to a family tradition so middle names also needed.

    Middles after Family:- Elizabeth, Amelia, Diane, Violet, Rose, Marie, May, Emily, Patrick, Stephen, Edward, James, Robert, David, John, Charles.

    Names that are a no no:- Claire, Sophie/Sophia, Sarah, Charlotte, Matilda, Phoebe, Penelope, Daphne, Rosalie/Rosie, Harriet, Clara, Lola, Alice, Maisey, Rebecca, Georgia/Georgina, Vivian/Vivienne, Jacqueline, Beatrice, Phyllis, Marilyn, Megan, Cody, Shane, Andrew, Paul, Rachel - if people say any others I have forgot I will add them.

    P.S. I'm welsh and he's Irish so would be good to incorporate them and were both English.
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    Can anyone help

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    Im really liking Morwenna, Eilis, Alannah, Erin, Caoimhe, Ciara and Nora. Im pretty sure these are all Irish/welsh names
    I think Amelia, Emily and Amy are all too close to Amy-Louise, for first names.
    How about: Alannah Elizabeth Rose, Violet Morwenna May, Erin Amelia Rose or Ciara Emily Rose?

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    Thank you. - I know Amelia & Emily are too close to Amy these were example of names we like. - our daughter Amy is named after my great grandmother Amelia.

    I quite like Alannah, Erin & Ciara but these are a little too common for our liking we like more vintage names. - Morwenna, Eilis & Caoimhe are lovely Irish & Welsh names but there a little too out there for us. - I like Alannah Elizabeth Rose, Ciara Emily Rose & Erin Amelia Rose are lovely I will have to ask my boyfriend.
    Violet Morwenna May is ok I just dont like the repeating inital of M. Or Violet it feels a little old for me.

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    Alma . Amity . Anwen . Ceridwen . Eira. Emeline . Emilie
    Enid . Ffion . Ida . Julia . Juniper . Matilda . Miriam . Nadia . Noemy
    Igor . John . Nathaniel . Samson . Toby

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