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    I'm 19. I like my current name, but if I had chosen a new one last year I would have renamed myself Cleo or Anna.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cassandrah View Post
    What would you have renamed yourself when you were 18? Would you have chosen something related to your name for example Anastasia to Annabelle? A different spelling e.g Lesley to Leslie? A nickname for your name instead eg Caroline to Caro? Or something totally different? What's your name now?
    Even though I'm not 18 yet (sweet 16 today!!!) I would pick Either Stella or Mariella.
    Ellie xx
    When I was 18, I probably would've wanted to rename myself Elizabeth. I used to love that name!
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    I'm currently 18, and although I do not love my name, I wouldn't change it at all. It would take way too much effort, and I get the feeling that if I give it a few more years, I will grow to like my first name better. I really dislike my middle name, but instead of completely changing it, I would prefer to shorten it from Noreen to Nora as it honors my late grandmother. Also, I feel that the names I currently like wouldn't suit me at all, and that I would prefer to use them on my children in the future.


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    I'm not 18 either. But I quite like my name (Ashley) but if I could rename myself I would pick one of my middle names; Keziah
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    Well, I'm 15, and I like my name (Madeline, Maddie for short) but its very common with my age group. But if I were to change my name, I'd like to be a Samantha, an Elisabeth, an Isla or a Dahlia

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